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Used Clothing in South Korea

Children Summer Wear

Grade A Kids WearWe source and supply high quality used children clothes from South Korea for summer and winter climates. Children sweaters, cotton shirts, spring wears and cotton pants. Contact us today for details and quotations.


Packaging Used ClothesOur Clothes are Packaged at 50kg, 80kg and 100kg bales depending on volume. We take much care while packaging to make sure quality is maintained. We load our bales with absolute care to eliminate damages caused by forklifts while loading. A 40ft HC container loads upto 300 bales.

Sorted Used Bags

Various sorted bagsHigh quality leather and fabric bags sorted for various markets. We source and supply items such as ladies bags, wallets, school bags and travelling bags. Contact us today for a detailed quotation or enquiries.

Our Stock Items

  • Adult Cotton Training Wear
  • Mixed Belts, Mixed Bags
  • Child Training Wears
  • Adult Parka Jackets
  • Anoraks (Adult Light Zipper Jackets)
  • Child Summer Zipper Jacket
  • Ladies Cotton Skirts,Jean Skirts
  • Ladies Cotton Dress Light
  • Children Spring, Summer Wears
  • Children Shirts
  • Ladies Cotton Pants, Jean Pants
  • Adult Winter Zipper Jacket
  • Light Curtain, Heavy Curtain
  • Adult Jogging Jackets
  • Mink Blankets
  • Boxer Shorts
  • Cotton Pyjama
  • Ladies Cotton Blouse
  • Ladies Tank Tops (Short T-Shirts)
  • Ladies Special T-Shirts (S/S, L/S)
  • Swimming Suits, Towels
  • Base Ball Caps
  • Men Color Y-Shirts
  • Men White Y-Shirts
  • Mens Tropical Pants, Winter Pants
  • Mens Cotton Shirts S/S
  • Men Cotton Pants (Folded)
  • Mens Denim Jeans
  • Men Cargo Pants (Many Pockets)
  • Adult Nylon Jogging Jackets
  • Adult Nylon Jogging Pants
  • Ladies Silk Blouse, Dress, Skirt
  • Girdle, Bra, Panties
  • Sports T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts S/S
  • Men Singlets, Paired Socks
  • Bed Sheets
  • Cargo Short Pants
  • Household Rummage
  • Men T-Shirts S/S
  • Laddies Sucker Pants
  • Men Flannel/Corduroy/Denim Shirts
  • Adult Training Wear (Pants).
  • And many more. Contact our Sales Department for a complete quotation.