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PLP GLOBAL LTD (Korea) is the a leading grader and supplier of used shoes in South Korea. Our shoes are sorted into the finest grade, in various famous brands and the finest quality. We supply container loads of used shoes every month to clients in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Men Shoes

Quality Used Korean ShoessWe sort men shoes separately as men leather shoes and men sports shoes. Men shoes are classified into Grade A; Grade A+B and Grade B. Each grade reflects various market, quality and price needs. Refer to the sections below for details on each grade.

Packaging Bags

Sorted Used ShoesAll shoes are packed in clean hygienic bags, containing 35 ~ 70 pairs of shoes depending on type and weighs 25kg. You can request the type of packaging you want. Choose either Transparent Bags or Colored Bags.

Container Loading

Loading ContainerTo preserve the quality and make sure all our shoes reach our clients as clean and good condition as possible, we do hand loadning into 40FT containers. We safely load 750 Bales in 40FT containers. 99% of our clients are satisfied since the shoes arrive to the destination market in their original shape and form. Machine Loading is also available for clients who prefer 780 ~ 800 Bales in 40FT containers.


Our strategic sourcing and quality control strategy helps clients purchase high quality products, improve profits and strengthen their market competitiveness. With a wealth of experience in quality controll and customer care spanning over years, we are your perfect business partner.

Children Shoes

Used Children ShoesWe sort Children shoes as Mixed shoes. Children shoes are classified into Grade 1 and Grade 1+2. Each grade reflects various market, quality and price needs. Refer to the sections below for details on each grade.

Grade A Men Shoes

Grade A Men ShoesThe Finest, keenly sorted shoes have; No worn-out soles, No cracks on leather, No holes on leather or sole, No plastick shoes. The shoes are generally very clean and high quality.

New / Store Returns

New ShoesOn a regular basis, we do supply brand new shoes, store returns or over stocks. The shoes come in various brands, quality, types and sizes. They are available on 'As is basis" and can be either sold per piece or killogram basis depending on their quality and sizes. Interested clients can check with us on a regular basis for updates on available stocks and quantity. Contact us for availability and more details.

Grading Our Shoes

We grade our shoes into three grades:- Grade A; Grade A+B and Grade B. Grade A are the finest shoes that you can only find at PLP Global. This comes out of many years of experience and development.

Cream Ladies Shoes

Grade A Ladies ShoesWe sort ladies shoes keenly into the finest grade and quality for Premium markets. No broken soles, high heels and plastic cheap shoes.

Container Shipping

Container ShippingWe have service contracts with the most reliable shipping firms, so we guarantee the most affordable, fast and convenient mode of transporting goods to destination. We can handle the entire shipping process or clients can nominate their own agents or place their own bookings.